Health – Five EASY things to reduce weight and increase energy

OK, so there is so much reason to be concerned about health. There is a conspiracy at foot, and we are all the tools to be ‘worked’ by the food industry.

As we look at movies and television shows, it seems like people just have normal lives and have new clothes ALWAYS, as well as beautiful bodies. But the fact of the matter is that it is their profession, actors and actresses need to stay fit and look perfect for future work.

Most people in this country – the US and overseas- are threatened to gain weight and get large. Not just a little fat, but a LOT fat. 80 and 90 year olds are not as heavy as today’s teens, twenty-something’s – all the way up to the ripe middle age of the 60’s.  Part of it is due to greater amounts of roads and cars, part of it is to do with fear of not making money to survive, so we are now at the point of two people working in every household and trying to pay for things we do not need but we think we deserve. Like iPods and PS3’s.  I admit that I like this stuff as much as anyone else, but I also believe that buying all of the latest gadets is pointless and a waste of money.Who has the time to use all that stuff. Just buying one copy of photoshop is enough to keep any one person busy for three years.

Back to the heath aspect of this discussion – not only are we motivated to work hard, take care of bills – whihc are rising rapidly – but now we have endless options of food sources. If you have been out of the house lately, you will see 90% OF the selection at these stores ARE stocked with itmes that contain saturated fats, hydrogenated fats, transfats, and they are not good for us. Not even a  little bit.

I walk around the food store and try and find things that do not have reduced fat, but are naturally fat free, Reduced fat COULD mean that 1 serving size has decreased in proportion and slightly in amount. Two wheat crackers could be reduced from 8 grams of fat to 6 grams of fat. No one eats just two, so the effect sky-rockets quickly. So that is why I believe reading low fat is a game against the consumer.  Also, the food industry has been able to take the federal food label requirements and twist them so they can lie to the consumer in other ways, too. They will say “no trans fats”, or show a reduced amount of calories and fat, but the SERVING SIZE is much smaller than the non-reduced calori product.

No one eats just one potato chip, three fries or 1/3 of a whopper. A bakery muffin from Dunkin Donuts has TWICE to over THREE times the fat as a standard candy bar. Many of the reasons for this deception is how well these additives help preserve the food. They can sit on the shelf for a long time without going sour or rotten. Even palm kernel oil and cotten seed oil are wrose than beef fat, but they will not burn or smoke at high temps and they are inexpensive to the food industry.  So they can make more money per product sold.  So here are my five EASY steps tp being healthier.

So here is a short list of things we can do to help out bellies shrink:

1. Drink more water and abstain from coke and the like – Diet sodas wreck tooth enamel, and full calorie does as well with the added kick of sugar coating the teeth for bacteria to thrive.

2. Consider replacing fast food meals with a proper sandwich – you DO NOT need 1/2 lb of meat and two table spoons of mayonnase to make it taske good. Try a thin layer of mayo and mustard or lettuce dipped in non-fat salad dressing?

3. Walk quickly for 30 minutes a day. In the beginning of this, you can start with a casual walk to get all the tendons and muscles ready for fast walking. Breaking on Wed’s is good, too.

4. Remove all junk foods from teh house. It is NOT bad to DUMP food before eating it. Especially foods that are difficult for your body.

5. Eat Oatmeal three times a week – old fashioned variety – and add a LITTLE brown sugar or dried fruits to it. Pre-packed has about five additives to it that lessen the effects of the cereal, in the body.


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