Tom’s Hardware review of 3g iPhone – the ugly

Recently on Digg, there was an 3g iPhone review from a highly respected technical blog called Tom’s Hardware. It is really one of the primary sources to check out for all things computers – software, hardware, gadgets, etc.

I am not certain if it is just me, or if it is that I am getting older, or our educational system, or that things are falling apart around everyone, but this article had valid points, but a poorly executed. It was soo poorly thought out, I slapped together a few comments about this review and have to say that the logic of my criticism applies to almost ALL the reviews and commentary that I hear on a regular basis. Whether it is CNN political experts, Cramer, foreign policy experts, political campaign experts… they ALL seem to miss the point. So it does not make sense to me to listen to them. They are so interested in their own potential to come back on a show or to be ad visors, that they can only dance around the issues and never have truly valid points. Comments are said ‘off the cuff’ and no one substantiates these comments, which become important, which in turn become the review of an expert. But it always starts with a simple, unsubstantiated comment.

Sometimes, the younger crowd on line and the people who are addicted to all gadgets (I may be one of these people) have to realize that the world is more than you can ‘see’.
Someone mentioned in the comments that this review is a little late, but the commentator forgets that there are huge amount of people who are slow to consider or buy product upon pre-release or release, like a techie. People have contracts that are expiring by the day, for the next fifty years, so a lot of those people will consider an iPhone on the day of expiration, but not before. Tom’s Hardware is a great resource for everyone, and having this review as part of their library is important, and MAY even give them exposure  within Apple’s marketing / engineering division. So for that comment alone “a little late” There is a LOT of value to this ‘late’ review, for many people.
That being said, I still think it is a stretch to start making comments about the stock market and just say 1+1=2!!!  Yes, Apple is showing a slowdown in revenue. But that does not mean that it is because the market does not accept the iPhone or consumers are punishing Apple. Let’s just THINK for a second at WHAT could be a MORE REALISTIC cause of the ‘bad’ financial quarter:

1. Apple is in a huge R&D changeover –  adding the Air, adding a newer iPhone, Intel releasing a ton of new technology to incorporate into newer products, newer battery designs, compatibility ironing out with both the overall OS changes and partner companies, mobile Me

2. Competition has increased:, Sony, WalMart, Hulu, etc. This has cut into their revenue stream and predicted sales growth, but this is not necessarily a bad thing

3. The time spent on partnerships with many many international carriers for the newer iPhone, the growth pains of the iPhone app store (believe it or not, this takes resources)

4. The Apple building being burnt down which housed IT AND some additional offices.

5. Maintaining the momentum of future technologies to incorporate into future products, like some potential tablet and the inherent issues of compatibility, there.

6. The retail outlet growth, their entire marketing infrastructure, logistics, training, etc.

7. The ENTIRE economy is changing, the housing markets are falling and people are potentially losing their homes, ALL companies are showing a slowdown in many respects for reasons not related to the value a product brings to the market.

8. The influx of Ultra Mobile PC’s – like Lenovo X300 (prices are dropping), Dell E Series, Acer, eeePC and others.

People may just not be buying right now because of the economy. Who wants to spend money on contract cancellations? So in contrast to other companies, is Apple really a ‘crested’ or ‘reached its peak?’ There is no honest way to say this in a review or otherwise without empirical substantial evidence. I dispute this review and beg others to just stop saying things they hear and consider the bigger picture, with all commentary on line or otherwise.


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