HP Support Is Reason Enough to Buy From Another Vendor

I have an HP OfficeJet Pro device in my home office. This morning I woke to lights flashing on the front panel, and an error message on my screen saying I have an invalid yellow and black cartridge or printhead.

The first problem here is the description of the error code. There should be two different errors – one for the invalid ink, another for failed printheads. I have changed nothing and use this printer infrequently in order to promote longevity of the device. Unless you already know that they sell a print head called “yellow / black “, you easily waste money on replacing perfectly good yellow and black ink cartridges. So not properly managing your development department in India can lead to LANGUAGE BARRIERS that lead to a lack of customer satisfaction.

Secondly, when I called them, he did not want to listen to hear the problem, he wanted to sell me a support contract. In order to maintain a customer, they should offer 5 minutes of sincere support for the product, not ‘upsell’ a contract.

The reason they want to sell a contract is a) these technical support reps do not have technical skills and would prefer to replace the printer under warranty instead of diagnose the problem, and b) for profit and so they can make money – (I have NO problem with the idea of making money, just offering business-class devices that are not worthy of the title).

He wanted to sell me an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CLASS AND TYPE OF DEVICE. I asked “Why would I want to replace a OfficeJet Pro with a consumer grade device?” He said he understood and proceeded to try and sell me yet another product entirely. After explaining to him that he should consider looking up any issues that could cause these errors, it was an afterthought to look up the actual problem in his database. He eventually did so, after I was red in the face, and he said I needed to order a replacement printerhead.

HP publishes its values to include “Uncompromising integrity; We are open, honest and direct in our dealings.”

HP is doing themselves a disservice in allowing overseas support people to try and think. These people have no mental tools to reason through things and they turn customers away from HP due to this anemia. They are not in line with the HP values.


One thought on “HP Support Is Reason Enough to Buy From Another Vendor

  1. Just to comment as a follow up. I called today, the business product division. The sales guy claimed that there is a recycling program for printer owners, to get cash back for said printers.
    The sales person had NO idea what the rebate or credit would amount to. But repeated that all information is through another division of the company: 888-593-3835. They will have an idea of the money you will get depending on the printer model.
    The point is that the business telesales person was so unfamiliar with the products, but he WAS in the US. He was also having trouble with the database / computer responsiveness. I was able to answer my own questions while waiting for him to look ‘something’ up.
    Why oh WHY does HP hire people in the US who cannot figure out their computer, have not received training on their products nor their incentive programs.

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