Letter to Ze Frank

Write a letter to Ze Frank  in follow up to his recent post on the recent history of Afghanistan found here.

Ze –

Things on the side of things.

If we look to the side of each of these topics, there are questions which disrupt the nature of the US answer to WHY?

It would be interesting how other things play into why we started the war and how it grew into what we are doing today.  I am sure that these new things would provide more clues to the nature of our ‘answer’ truth.
The concept playing the British Buffer State is played again, but this time by the US. We are interested in other dominance – not just democracy and freedom, while handing over a true theological apple to the US. (A fruit that Americans prefer to clamp down on – I think Cheney grew that apple). Religion, good and bad, right and wrong, them vs us, etc.

Three topics that have side things:
1. How did the Taliban continue to gain more weapons and ammo and complex devices to kill Americans?  Do they have their own kinds of labs, manufacturing facilities and corporate ownership that drives these things? Clearly gun and ammo supply lines (manufacturing to distribution) have been increasing for the Taliban, but who paid, made and gave these supplies to kill Americans? What was their profit?

2. Poppy agriculture side thing
Drug manufacturing and distribution within the surrounding area were all explained to be bad just after 9/11, and “we were going to go in there and help everyone understand freedom and democracy”. Years after 9-11, poppy production is still taking place.  “Let’s kill all those farmers who grow poppy plants for bad bad drug money!!”

3. Crude Oil side thing
Harvesting and distribution lines could be mapped out over the past 65 years. Who is interested in oil supply harvesting and distribution? What strategic role does the Afghanistan map play for oil supply for the world? What developments have taken place since 9/11? Who has made money doing this?

If each of these issues were reviewed over the same time lines in history (over the past 65 years), we would see things differently from the ‘truth’ and ‘freedom’ things waved to the American public.
Thanks for putting together this catch-up vid.

Thanks for reading..


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