Developers who Complain about Apple

In a recent post in Information Week, computer language developers are complaining about how Steve Jobs is being tyrannical about his partnership with Adobe and the future of Apple compatibility with Flash applications vs using a more modern approach for the same end-user effect: HTML5 with other technologies like JavaScript.

Maybe I am getting too old, but the constant complaining by developers about “What is wrong with Apple…” is like a new musician or actor expecting to make a film or CD and in turn expecting 100% of the earnings.

I offer this to any complainer / Apple Developer who is complaining:

Unix-based machines have always required a certain ‘closed developer’ ecology. People can vacillate between why Jobs is good or bad, but there is WAY WAY more behind his ideas and the Apple  approach to developers, than their critics realize.
Jobs is running a company for revenue and for the good of the end users on a certain level. He uses Microsoft as a basis for what NOT to do.  If you ever write a REAL comparison list, side-by-side of what the pro’s and con’s are for each platform (Windows vs PC) you will lean towards the Apple way.
I work daily with both platforms, and had my teeth cut on *nix systems. I have decades of watching both Microsoft and Apple succeed and fail. I have worked directly with product managers, designers, business strategy experts, branding experts, board members and sales divisions.
To create a company with the goals of stability, security, reliability on an existing OS (ie BSD), there are MANY considerations above and beyond simplistic analysis, as those written in comments; complaining of Jobs being a controlling egomaniac for numerous nebulous reasons. Apple is not  “telling you to fall into a fascistic system” as much as keeping control over many variables within the company that extend way beyond how you want reality to be. There are issues like growing features within the OS and exploiting future hardware releases. There are issues of support costs and rent costs and relationships with huge vendors like Intel and NVIDIA.
If you are a developer and no longer want to be told what to develop, or how to develop, then quit complaining. You will need to do what Travolds or Stallman did and build your own OS and development API / kit. Once you do this, you will realize what is involved in business for revenue and maintaining quality control over these products.
UNLESS you are constructive and actually build your own OS, you have NO idea what kinds of things are involved in building and maintaining all the things that Apple is responsible for today and in the future. The world often doesn’t produce a red carpet for our desires just because we want it. The real egotistical bastards in that realm is in fact the complaining developers who stand back and say with self-importance “I will NEVER bow down to others and have them force me into designing things according to their rules!!!!”
Get a clue about the world – there is more to Jobs and his company than making miserable developers happy.

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