Great wordpress post on Facebooking with Parents

Just saw this on Freshly Pressed and wanted to link to it because it is so on point. (Just wanted to write ‘on point’.) It is a quick blog post on Francopolis. He writes about the feelings he experiences when he was first invited to ‘friend’ his Father, and the emotional roller coaster during this decision.

In the end, though, I decided to let my dad simply be like any other Facebook friend because, well, he’s my dad.  At first, however, I wasn’t sure how to virtually interact with him.  I was even scared to look at his profile.  Would he post creepy photos of him and my mom drinking martinis and standing too close to one another at creepy parties for creepy people of their age?  Would he have bizarre, unacceptable interests, like scrapbooking or watching American Idol? Would he be socially awkward, posting head-scratching comments on others’ posts?

All the worrying was for naught.  My dad, turns out, is completely normal.

As usual, the comments are all fun to read through. WordPress generated potentially related articles and sent me to another Dad: I’m on myface. Earl: It’s facebook, Dad. One of the funniest followup comments to this blog post (from mccarthyculkin **) I have read all week follows:

At least he emails you. My dad prints out joke emails that his old man friends send him and mails them to me. Through the US Postal Service. Seriously.

In fact all the comments in the second post are just too funny to ignore. Thanks for the laughs!

**mccarthyculkin was one of a couple writers who contributed to that satirical, informative and infrequently updated blog The Best Worst Things, which included the wonderful Where Are they Now review of  Kelly Leak.


3 thoughts on “Great wordpress post on Facebooking with Parents

  1. I actually found you from one of those blogs and I couldn’t agree more! I was snorting this morning as I was reading them! I can substitute Dad for Mom and have a gazillion stories to tell. Like how she was convinced that since the instant messenger told her I could see her, then the entire “innernet” could see her– in her nightgown.

    • When my mother isn’t arguing with people on political forums and message boards, I get her emails of e coli outbreaks and polio resurgence!! (I try to explain to her that she would be better off blogging instead of getting buried under 100’s of other comments and flame wars, but she ignores me. Luckily, I can filter her emails into their own folder. Thanks for the comment 🙂 ).

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