Calorie Reduction – This is difficult

I have read various scientific papers about testing on rats for them to eat less calories and gain a greater life span. But dropping my intake from 3000 calories to 300 seems a little too aggressive. What I have been able to rationalize is to try and get things down to under 2000, and possibly under 1800.  Diet goals I find less annoying and obtainable:

– increasing my intake of water
– reducing my intake of high fat items like crackers and potato chips
– do not get emotional about giving away or throwing out high-calorie foods
– stopping all consumption of ice cream and treats
– getting my heart rate up (beyond sitting), for over 45 minutes twice a day

The more I can be away from food while working, the better. A snack does not have to be filled with fat and sugar. I can make a bowl of oatmeal with dried fruits in under 3 minutes. This is very filling compared to a bag or Doritos and a candy bar.

I suppose the most important thing is to realize that you are eating calories when you are snaking. Eating one pretzel at a time can lead to 300 calories. Eating five small chocolate bars can be 500 calories.

This entire thing means a life style change. Drinking soda and sweetened tea have more calories. Drinking light beer is less calories and drinking wine is more. Grabbing an apple is less, lunch bag of baked chips more calories. So it is going to be all about options, having less food in the cupboard and fridge, and considering full grain snacks instead of poptarts. Even considering a walk around a neighborhood to get out and clear the mind is a huge help.



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