Great post recounting the ideas from Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation at TED.


One of my good friends ProfessorTom recently linked me to the following TED talk (if you don’t know about TED talks, you’re really missing out! They’re on YouTube and iTunes).

Below the link are a few of my thoughts about it:

Hopefully you can play the video, but the basic gist of Sir Ken Robinson’s (yes, he’s English!) talk is that our current school education system stifles creativity and doesn’t allow our children the freedom to not only fail, but explore their strengths – no matter where they might lie – and this is a complete travesty that needs reform if we are not to start pumping out xeroxes of our children.

There is quite a lot of truth to Robinson’s thought processes, and something that I agree with in principle. Each individual have their own strengths and weaknesses that provide us with the tools to become (hopefully) productive members…

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