CA Resident’s Rights Resource List

Every US citzen has a right to know things about their government., a service I love, put together a nice resource list for citizens.

There are a host of free, easy-to-understand and useful resources for you to help you understand what you are entitled to under local and state and federal laws. Here are a few of the best that we’ve selected for you:

-The Reporters Committee has an Open Government Guide for California open records laws.
-The Reporters Committee also offers a federal Open Government Guide and The Digital Journalist’s Legal Guide.
-The Knight Citizen News Network’s The Citizen Journalist’s Guide to Open Government. has a host of resources on its site.  
-The First Amendment Coalition website has an extensive array of resources on First Amendment issues and its new free iPhone and Android Know Your Rights app, iOpenGov.  
-CalAware, a group dedicated to government transparency in the state that keeps up to date tabs on transparency cases across the state and has helped develop and promote local open government initiatives in Alameda, Berkeley and Dixon, is an excellent resource.
-The California League of Cities has an excellent Open & Public IV: Guide to the Ralph M. Brown Act, the state’s public meetings law.
-TheFirst has these useful guides on California public records and court documents: Pocket Guide to the California Public Records Act and the Pocket Guide to Courts & Court Records.

There may be too much information to look at everything at once, but it’s worth the time to review some of these terrific resources.

Please check ouut the entire article at and sign up today for their newsletter in your city:


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