Let’s Get this Straight – Vaacines are HELPFUL


While proof has shown empirically that vaccines HELP extend mortality rates – we are refusing their value and purpose.  This is only going to hurt us as a nation. The worst part of this mental affliction is these very people who are so fearful do nothing to look for proof of their new found theories – and have no discussion based on scientific evidence. They go by stories and hear-say that is simply not supported through science, but through tabloids without scientific studies. While I question the validity of giving young  girls and boys HPV vaccines – there are over 110 varieties of HPV and it is not clear that these new vaccines help prevent ALL forms of the virus – I do believe that vaccines which have been around for decades have helped the population grow stronger and healthier. In fact we should grow more campaigns on teaching the population of the value of these, and get more and more stringent on quality and distribution instead of sending shock waves of fear all over the country and the world.

A recent article in Ars Technica explains that 25% of California kids in school are not vaccinated

Vaccines should be monitored and controlled by supply chain quality control and stringent auditing. This is not happening and consequently there are problems with quality.  It is astounding so many people have decided to ‘run’ with the concept that vaccines cause Autism and have chosen to stop allowing vaccines in young children. Astounding because this directly effects the safety of the rest of the population.

Rewind 100 years and realize that before vaccines, living through epidemics like polio and measles were horrendous.  The lessons of so many deaths and the science and research behind vaccinations of the Twentieth Century allowed us to live longer and be healthier.  It also taught people to consider better ways to handle food and our personal hygiene. It was a historic break through to discover these vaccines and to distribute them.

To quote a website that discusses the history of Polio in the United States:

Polio had always seemed cruel in the way that it targeted children.  Now it seemed hostile.  For every action of the March of Dimes that empowered the populace, for every champion of the children like Sister Kenny, the disease seemed to gain strength to meet them.  In the early 1950s, polio epidemics were rising even faster than the population, and this was the height of the baby boom.

Cases of
Paralytic Polio

1933 5000
1943 12,000
1946 25,000
1948 27,000
1950 33,000
  1952* 59,000

*The polio epidemic of 1952 is notable because serious outbreaks occurred in all of the forty-eight states, and in the territories of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.3

“By then, polio epidemics were second only to the atomic bomb in surveys of what Americans feared most.  Bomb and virus alike were terrible agents of destruction that might arrive at any moment to devastate a family, a community, or an entire nation.  The disease seemed like an omnipresent threat, and its cure became a national responsibility.  Epidemics struck other countries, but never as heavily as here.  America was the center of polio, and the place where people knew they must work first, and fastest, to end it.  They gave their time and money to help the growing swell of victims and to find a way to stem the rising tide of injury.  When the call came, they even volunteered their children, millions of them, to test a new vaccine.  The fear that had once driven Americans apart was now the force that pulled them together.”4

In Sept 2012, I read an article that shows today 25% of the kids in California schools have parents that are afraid of vaccines. I would bet revisiting this we will see even more uninformed parents keeping their kids away from vaccines, without scientific proof of their fears and concerns. Vaccines have not only helped society, but they have directly impacted everyone’s life today in the United States. A lack of the growing parental population understanding science, and a lack of the press promoting our scientific familiarity of medical histories and scientific studies is causing another ‘arm’ of our society to fail.


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